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ART EXHIBIT: "Rhinoceros Women Series"


The Brass Lamp
245 Promenade 90802 Long Beach United States
The Brass Lamp welcomes artist, Lindsey D. Taylor (Canada) to showcase her art to the Long Beach community. She is sharing her latest, the "Rhinoceros Women Series":

"I started the Rhinoceros Women Series on the premise of wanting to illustrate the resiliency, bravery, and strength through the stories of your "average", "every day" woman. We are always surrounded by incredible lady warriors that we aren't even aware of. More-often-than-not, as women we are advertised for what we can offer physically, when in reality everything else we have to offer is so much more important. As a woman, as a human being, I am going to be proud of something greater than a butt. I am going to respect, support, and uplift other women, knowing they, too, are of great worth and have a story to tell.

Each of the women I chose for the 10 portrait series represents in a way either a battle I've personally experienced and conquered, or a character trait I admire and am working towards. Both despite and because of my experiences, my heart is strong and my soul unbreakable.

The name of the series was chosen from inspiration by Assata Shakur's poem, 'Rhinoceros Woman'. What I took from the poem was the vision of strength and beauty in the struggle, despite expectations and circumstances."

The ten drawn originals will be on display; prints will also be available to purchase. Free admission.
Saturday, May 28th - 6pm - 12am
Sunday, May 29th - 6pm - 10pm

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