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Future Shock w/ Zackey Force Funk, XL Middleton & Elusive


The Federal Underground
102 Pine Ave 90802 Long Beach United States
Also featuring live painting from HIT+RUN crew!

Zackey Force Funk:

Zackey Force Funk was born into this wild world in Tucson, AZ in 1974. In and out of prison since the age of 17, ZFF began producing on pirated software his brother gave to him once he had given up a life crime to focus on writing tunes and raising his family. First discovered by Kutmah back in the golden era of Myspace, Zackey's signature "Force Funk Sound" swiftly grabbed the attention of a number of formidable producers. As these tunes were scattered across various labels, finding their homes on their respective collaborator's projects, ZFF continued to hone his style, delving deeper into the psychedelic future funk realm of which he has created for himself.

The fruits of his discipline all add up to "Electron Don" [HNR52] a 15-track collection of early productions that serves as the initial transmission of a fantastical mind that has many more stories to tell. "Electron Don" gathers together various unreleased and classic tracks recorded by Zackey Force Funk circa 2009-2011 in Tucson, AZ. Included here are a treasure-trove of classic productions by the Electron Don himself, as well as tracks by luminaries Salva, Mike Gao, Lorn, Jellphonic, Cupp Cave, Crimekillz, Mark Lowe and Paolo XZ.

Manufactured in collaboration with world famous Fat Beats, the collection is available Tuesday February 9th, 2016 on limited-edition 12" china white vinyl (featuring stunning cover artwork by Devin Troy Strother) - only 300qty pressed! - as well as collectible cassette tape (featuring bonus track "El Camino") and digital downloads (includes all songs plus the bonus track "100 Snakes") worldwide.

**Fresh off the Fall 2015 release of his modern funk gem "Chrome Steel Tiger" EP, make it a point to catch the debut of Zackey Force Funk live at the infamous Low End Theory on Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 for a special album-release performance.

XL Middleton:

XL Middleton is a musician from California whose format falls into the funk-laden style the region has traditionally been known for. The Pasadena-based artist/producer has been hard at work for years crafting melodic, chord-heavy tunes and which have earned him accolades on major websites such as Uproxx, Okay Player and HipHopDX, where a collaboration with Crooked I made the rounds, as well as national print coverage in the Washington Post and major local print coverage in LA Weekly, where his album Tap Water made it to a Best of 2015 list. XL toured Japan a few years back, playing to packed houses in Tokyo, Yokohama, and other cities. He caters to fans of the funked-out West Coast sound – a fanbase which, although not the norm in mainstream music, has been finding its way back to notoriety, with artists like XL at the cusp of what has become known as the modern funk movement.

XL has released volumes of work, the sound of which embodies the party feel, bringing music back to where it was before it found its way into upscale clubs, while at the same time mixing it with a futuristic brand of funk inspired by legends such as George Clinton, Roger Troutman, & Cameo, not to mention hip hop funksters like Battlecat & DJ Quik. He evolved from his beginnings as a hip hop artist to a full-fledged modern funk musician, educated by the music he once sampled in the course of creating rap beats. At an XL show, you might find him singing notes through a vocoder, rapping, or shredding solos on a shoulder synth (more colloquially known as a "keytar"). He founded his own label, Crown City, in 2003 and it has remained active for over a decade. In addition, he recently founded another imprint, MoFunk Records, with Funkmosphere resident DJ and fellow LA native Eddy Funkster. XL has also released music in conjunction with noteworthy labels such as Bastard Jazz, Omega Supreme, and Voltaire, effectively bridging the gap between fans of modern funk/80's boogie and 90's g-funk, all of which has been tremendously influential to the XL Middleton sound.

In addition to his own solo material, XL produces music for modern funk songstress Moniquea (also on MoFunk Records), modern soul singer Reality Jonez (Crown City) and is gearing up to release his first collaborative LP with Eddy Funkster in 2016.